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Mercy Flights team recognized for exceptional courage and devotion

By February 24, 2022No Comments

This month, Mercy Flights was honored to receive the 2021 Special Recognition Award from the Chamber of Medford and Jackson County. The award, presented at the February chamber meeting, was accepted by Mercy Flights Chief Executive Officer, Sheila Clough, on behalf of the MFI team. In a letter to Clough, the chamber shared these words…

“This Award is given to Mercy Flights, but it honors you and your peers for having demonstrated exceptional courage and devotion to duty amid the fires and the pandemic during these past 18 months. Without your teamwork, dedication and tenacity, many outcomes would have been vastly different. Your commitment to your work has had tremendous impact, which includes but is not limited to, assisting new patients physically impacted during the fires, managing a staggering caseload through the pandemic, and simply acting as a friend to those who are most in need. Your contribution to others becomes even more impressive considering the many personal challenges that everyone has endured during the crises. It is achievements and efforts of this kind and scale that we are honored to recognize. We are so proud and grateful for your continued service to our community.”

According to Clough, the honor is a testament to the dedication Mercy Flights’ team members have demonstrated both before and during the wildfires as well as throughout the pandemic.

“As I accepted this incredible honor on behalf of the Mercy Flights team, I couldn’t help but wish that each and every one of them could stand up and be recognized for the challenging work they do to serve our communities,” said Clough. “They are so clearly the heart of our organization. Every team member plays a critical role, from the office, dispatch and mechanical experts to our flight, ground and medical crews on the front line. They have, and continue to be, nimble and flexible in serving our communities, even while experiencing their own hardships.”