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Remembering Dave Filomeo

By January 28, 2022No Comments

Dave Filomeo - WebOur Mercy Flights board of directors is deeply saddened to announce the loss of one of our dedicated board members, Dave Filomeo, who passed away peacefully at his home in Medford on January 23 after a year-long battle with cancer. Dave joined the Mercy Flights board of directors in September of 2017, served as vice chair from 2019 to 2021, and was a trustee and member of the board’s finance committee. He brought invaluable expertise and perspective to the organization as a valued human resources and business advisor, seasoned professional and trusted friend. We have been so very fortunate to have Dave’s leadership, passion and advocacy in support of Mercy Flights’ mission, vision and legacy. Our hearts go out to Dave’s wife Paige, son Kyle, daughter Ashleigh and his grandchildren during this difficult time. We thank Dave for his kind and thoughtful contributions that have made a significant impact on our organization’s growth and success. He will be greatly missed.

In celebration of Dave’s character, and his contributions to our community, we’d like to share these messages from his Mercy Flights board colleagues. These messages were included in a photo book put together by Mercy Flights and presented to Dave last year. We are honored to share these words with our friends and neighbors.

“Dave, you are quite an inspirational guy; lots of career success, multiple hobbies, and unlimited energy for service. Getting to know you and having the privilege to work with you in our leadership roles at MFI, particularly during some challenging times, has been my honor. Your work has immeasurably helped me, the organization, and the entire community.” — Mark DiRienzo, Mercy Flights board chair

“Mercy Flights has had decades of impressive community leaders that have embraced its mission of care to the citizens of Jackson County. Dave, you are another fine example of having the right leadership at the right time. Your business experience was always available to lend a steady hand or to offer just the right advice at the right time to give us the confidence we were moving in the right direction. Your contributions will always be part of the great history of Mercy Flights. Thanks for all of your years of service.  Dave. We are a better organization because of you.” — Mike Burrill, Jr., Mercy Flights board member

“Dave, your leadership these past few years was instrumental to getting Sheila on board and really putting Mercy Flights in the position of driving ahead. Your legacy with our organization is firmly etched and I’m thrilled you worked to extend a lifetime membership to Paige.” — Pirkko Terao, Mercy Flights board member

“Dave, you are an amazing man and certainly have been an incredible asset to MFI and a special friend to all who have had the opportunity to know and work with you. Every organization you have been associated with here in the valley; MFI, RVCC and SO Humane have been blessed to have your guidance and wisdom.”Ed Helman, Mercy Flights board member