Every patient we have the opportunity to serve brings with them a unique story. We are honored to share a few with you, of course with their permission.

Ben’s Story

Until an unexpected illness occurred two years ago we believed, as we’re sure many do, that a Mercy Flights membership for a young and healthy family would never be needed.  Why would we pay a membership fee for a service we would never use?  We learned the hard way that life can veer strangely off course when you least expect it.

It became clear when our 7-year-old son Benjamin went in to kidney failure (due to a toxic strain of E.coli) that he would not be able to receive the care he needed in the Rogue Valley.  It was determined that immediate transportation to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital  in Portland was mandatory.  Mercy Flights was contacted by the hospital, and within the hour (barely long enough for us to run home and throw a few things together) his team arrived at the hospital to transport us via ground ambulance to the airport where the air-team would then transport us to Portland.

Amber, his RN, and Tyler, his Paramedic stayed with us from the time they arrived at his room in Medford until he was safely with his medical team up in Portland.  His entire Mercy Flights team including the RNs, EMTs, and pilots was professional, expertly trained, and dedicated to their profession.  We believe with all of our hearts that Mercy Flights is one of the reasons that Benjamin is still alive and thriving today.  To this day, Benjamin has maintained a special relationship with his crew.

It is a surreal experience when a random event throws your whole life into upheaval, but it can, and sometimes does happen.  When life takes those unexpected turns, it is nice to know that Mercy Flights is there to get you to the care you need.


Jeff and Kelley Witters

Natalie’s Story

My beautiful spina bifida warrior, Natalie, while experiencing shunt failure, was so blessed to be flown to Portland by the Mercy Flights team on several different occasions. The Mercy Flights team was friendly, professional, took the time to explain to a scared little girl what was going on, and truly put her at ease. As Natalie’s mom, they kept me updated every step of the way, allowed me to sit across from Natalie, and even offered me an in flight bottle of water. Job well done Mercy Flights.

The Smith Family truly appreciates you.