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Combined Air and Ground Membership

Thank you for being a loyal member of the Mercy Flights membership program. We strive to provide exceptional integrated mobile healthcare to our neighbors in Southern Oregon and Northern California, at an affordable rate.

Mercy Flights is excited that you are taking advantage of our group rate, providing additional coverage and peace of mind for your team.

If you are a rolling group (meaning you do not have a set 12-month enrollment period):

  • Please share this LINK with your team. You can also download the QR code or cut and paste the link here:
  • If a paper application is preferred, please click on the “2024 Combined Enrollment Application” link below.
  • Please ensure all members select the correct organization to receive their discounted membership.

If you are a 12-month, fixed group (meaning all members sign-up at the same time and new members are prorated into the pre-established 12-month cycle):

  • If pro-rating into the fixed group, please use the paper enrollment entitled “2024 Combined Enrollment Application” link below.
    • Please use paper applications for new or renewing members, please fill out the application and roster attached below.
    • Each member and dependent needs to be added to the roster (in addition to their paper application) before returning to the Mercy Flights membership team.
    • A pro-rate sheet is attached below, please use it to identify for your group what their pro-rated amount will be.

We appreciate your support as we continue to provide our neighbors with the best healthcare in the industry.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our membership team.




Combined Group Application Form