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We are working to save lives and foster healthy communities in Southern Oregon and Northern California. We rescue neighbors in crisis and deliver them safely to our hospital partners. We engage with other first responders and lawmakers to ensure that the needs of residents come first. Our company was founded for a cause, not for a profit.


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The nation's first nonprofit air ambulance
Founded in 1949 with a social mission to serve residents in need, Mercy Flights provides nonprofit air and ground medical transport while also leading programs that improve community health.


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Supporting the community is one of our top priorities.


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Driven by our nonprofit status we work with a shared vision to save lives and foster healthy communities in Southern Oregon and Northern California.


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Meet Mercy Flights new Chief Executive Officer Sheila Clough

We are excited to welcome our new CEO, healthcare leader and strategist Sheila Clough to the Mercy Flights team.  Sheila brings more than 28 years of healthcare leadership experience to the MFI team — including 17 years at the executive level. Before joining the Mercy Flights team, Sheila served as CEO for Asante Ashland Medical Center…read more.

“Mercy Flights is a community based organization steeped in a long history that inspires me. I admire the organization’s mission to provide premium medical care and transportation at a reasonable cost and the team’s ongoing commitment as a non-profit to serve the community first and foremost” — Sheila Clough, CEO, Mercy Flights Inc.

Aircraft and ambulances may be the tools we use to save lives, but our people are the true lifeline of Mercy Flights Inc. From the office, dispatch and mechanical experts who keep us running smoothly, to our flight, ground and medical crews on the front line, every team member plays a critical role. Together we care for families, friends and neighbors to build safer, healthier Southern Oregon and Northern California communities.

A special thanks to Mike Burrill Jr. for serving as our interim CEO

In February of this year, Mike graciously stepped away from his role as board member to serve as interim CEO during our recent leadership transition. Mike has been an MFI board member since 2008 and served as board president for the past six years. The Burrill family – including Mike’s grandfather Eugene and his father Mike Burrill Sr. — has a rich history of support for Mercy Flights.

Ben’s Story

Until an unexpected illness occurred two years ago we believed, as we’re sure many do, that a Mercy Flights membership for a young and healthy family would never be needed.  Why would we pay a membership fee for a service we would never use?  We learned the hard way that life can veer strangely off course when you least expect it.

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Honoring Our Founders

Mercy Flights honors Helene Milligan, the wife of George Milligan, for her contributions to Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Helene Milligan

Lived from February 15th, 1918 to March 18th, 2019.

Read her Obituary here.