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If you are critically ill or injured, the best treatment may not be nearby. Mercy Flights will transport you where you need to go – quickly, safely, and with trained medical crews and specialized equipment to care for you every minute of your journey. We provide transport within 1,000 air miles of Medford. Our state-of-the-art Communications Center performs live flight tracking of all Mercy Flights’ aircraft.


A doctor must authorize an inter-hospital air ambulance service. This ensures the patient is stable for transport to another facility. A doctor may order non-emergency air transports if a patient is unable to travel by other means. After your discharge from the hospital, we can also arrange for ground ambulance transportation or a convenience flight, however, these services will likely involve charges not covered by insurance. Scheduled transports are quoted based on the needs of the patient, required medical staff, response time, and destination.  Please contact our office for a quote.


Service Area

Fixed Wing Airplane

Our pressurized, twin-engine aircraft is equipped to handle intensive care conditions – from heart attack and auto accident patients to sick infants, critical illnesses and more. Our two-person, in-flight medical staff includes a specially trained registered nurse and paramedic equipped with advanced life-support systems to provide the finest possible airborne care.

To underscore our commitment to flight and patient safety, Mercy Flights staffs the fixed wing with two pilots instead of one. All of our pilots undergo rigorous annual training and safety checks.

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx

The pressurized King Air has an environmentally controlled cabin for enhanced patient care. Cruising speed is 272 KTAS provided by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135 engines. Our aircraft is equipped with a Rockwell / Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics package providing a touchscreen “glass cockpit” system. This system provides the latest in situational awareness and real time weather through XM weather. The latest in avionics displays allows us to operate in less than ideal weather conditions. With the use of this technology we can be proactive in transporting our patients in the safest manner possible.



The Mercy Flights helicopter provides quick emergency response and direct delivery to the appropriate medical facility. Helicopter transports for life threatening situations in remote areas allows for quicker access to emergency care.  The ability to deliver directly to the receiving hospital also saves time.

Mercy Flights staffs the helicopter with a pilot, registered nurse, and paramedic, trained and equipped to handle the most critical scene and inter-hospital emergencies within a 150-mile radius of Medford, Oregon.  The helicopter is also equipped and available for longer distance inter-hospital transports when more appropriate then the fixed wing airplane.

Bell 407GX

This helicopter has the latest in avionics equipment – the Garmin G1000 system. This is a proven “glass cockpit” solution, providing the pinnacle of safety and situational awareness. Our 407 is equipped with environmental controls for patient comfort, for the summer heat and the winter cold. Using its all-composite, four-bladed rotor system, the 407GX is an ideal platform to provide the most comfortable flight for critically ill or injured patients. The Garmin Connext system also provides in flight satellite phone and text capability with the advantage of flight tracking. All this combines to make the safest rotor transport available in this area.