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California Membership Benefits

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Mercy Flights Inc. is a non-profit air & ground ambulance service. Our ground ambulance services provide emergency transport coverage to Jackson County in Southern Oregon. Mercy Flights began in 1949 as the first civil air ambulance service in the United States.

Mercy Flights California services include:

  •  Pressurized Fixed Wing Advanced Life Support Emergency Air Ambulance serving the Western United States (within 1,000 nautical miles of Medford, OR, in the continental United States).
  • Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Transport Helicopter Ambulance serving Southern Oregon (within 150 nautical miles of Medford, OR) and Northern California (as determined by Sierra-Sacramento EMS Authority)

Mercy Flights, Inc. provides this California ambulance membership program to cover only the provision of helicopter and fixed-wing ambulance services for emergency medical air responses and transportation. Only Mercy Flights provided, medically necessary transportation is included or covered by this membership plan. Be aware that members should request Mercy Flights transport at the time of need.

Mercy Flights offers a membership program that allows for quality emergency care at little or no cost to our members. Two types of membership programs are offered, Individual and Group. Members enrolling in the Group program receive discounts on their annual membership rates. Membership benefits and services are the same for both programs. Mercy Flights membership fees are non-refundable.

Mercy Flights will bill your insurance company for the services our organization provides. As a member of Mercy Flights, the insurance payment or payments will be considered payment in full.

Mercy Flights membership benefits apply only to services rendered by Mercy Flights for all eligible household members.  Eligible household members consist of the head of household and immediate family members who live at the same physical location, are legal dependents and are under 19 years of age.  These legal dependents can include unmarried dependent fulltime students, under the age of 26, who reside at a different physical location or a spouse who resides in a care facility.  Qualifying household members also include: disabled children, minor children of non-custodial parents, domestic partners, and physically dependent parents residing at the same physical location. Disabled children and physically dependent parents will continue their membership, if they move from the household into a care facility.

In the past year, Mercy Flights has met the needs of over 26,000 patients. Mercy Flights can be your lifeline in an emergency. Even if you never have the need for Mercy Flights services, you can feel good knowing your membership contribution helps to save lives and ensure the continuation of Mercy Flights quality service.

For questions regarding Mercy Flights membership and services, please call our membership office at 541-858-2646 and any of our staff would be glad to help.