Membership benefits and services are the same for all types of membership programs.

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What happens when you have a transport

Mercy Flights will bill your insurance company for services provided. As a member of Mercy Flights, the insurance payment or payments will be considered payment in full. If the member does not have insurance or the insurance applies 100% of the bill to your deductible or denies payment, the bill will be reduced by 50%. This 50% membership discount also applies to non-emergency ambulance transportation and non-transport services.

Who qualifies for your membership

Mercy Flights membership benefits apply only to services rendered by Mercy Flights for all eligible household members. Eligible household members consist of the head of household, spouse/significant other/life partner, unmarried children under 26 years of age, disabled children of any age, physically dependent parents living at the same physical location, disabled children or spouse living in a care facility.

Qualifying household members also include disabled children, minor children of non-custodial parents, domestic partners, and physically dependent parents residing at the same physical location. Disabled children and physically dependent parents will continue their membership, if they move from the household into a care facility. Please check your card for the eligible members in your household.

Payments and benefit coverage

Due to the prepayment nature of benefits, Mercy Flights membership fees are non-refundable and there is a 30-day waiting period for benefits to take effect for a new membership. This membership plan is not an insurance program. It will not compensate or reimburse another ambulance company that provides emergency transportation for you or your household members. Another ambulance company may provide the transport service if Mercy Flights is unable to serve the patient’s needs within a medically appropriate timeframe. This may occur if Mercy Flights is on another transport or unavailable due to maintenance or mechanical service issues.

Coverage area

Mercy Flights ground ambulance assigned service area includes all of Jackson County except the areas served by Rogue River Fire District or Ashland Fire & Rescue.  Mercy Flights has reciprocity agreements for ground ambulance services with these organizations.  As a member, if you are transported by one of these agencies, they will honor your Mercy Flights ground membership in accordance with their membership benefits.

Our history

In the past year Mercy Flights has met the needs of over 26,000 patients. Mercy Flights can be your lifeline in an emergency. Even if you never have the need for Mercy Flights services, you can feel good knowing your membership contribution helps to save lives and ensure the continuation of Mercy Flights quality service.

Membership program

  • Mercy Flights is a local nonprofit company providing air and ground ambulance service to our community.
  • Ground Ambulance services to over 2000 square miles of Jackson County, with 24 Ambulances
  • Helicopter emergency on-scene response within 150 air miles of Medford
  • Air Ambulance transport as far as 1000 air miles from Medford (West of the Rockies)
  • Provide Air and Ground Ambulance Service to anyone needing medical transportation in our 911 service area
  • Emergency Medical Staff of specially trained Critical Care RNs, Paramedics, EMT’s & experienced Pilots

How membership works

(If you have a transport AIR or GROUND)

After your initial 30-day waiting period, if you have a transport:

  • Mercy Flights will bill your insurance and will accept what your insurance pays as payment in full (If the charge is $3000 and your insurance pays $2000, we write off the balance)
  • If no insurance or no insurance payment is received, you will only be responsible for 50% of the bill

Emergency transports are expensive

Ground Ambulance               $1,238.68    plus $  17.66 per mile (avg. $1,300-$1,600)

Fixed Wing Airplane             $20,850.40    plus $177.89r mile (avg. $33,000+)

Helicopter                              $30,426.66    plus $295.97 per mile (avg. $25,000+)

Response & Assessment*     $394.20 per hour, one-covered per member (after that-50% off)

Response & assessment

  • Medicare does not cover non-transports
  • As a Mercy Flights Member, everyone has one covered non-transport for the lifetime of the membership when insurance does not pay
  • Members are responsible for 50% of charges if there is more than one non-transport not covered by insurance

Your membership covers

  • You and your spouse/significant other/life partner
  • Your unmarried children under 26 years of age
  • Disabled children of any age and physically physically dependent parents living at the same physical location
  • Disabled child or spouse living in a care facility

Your membership fee can be tax deductible

  • Mercy Flights, Inc. is 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation
  • If you do not receive services for any year, the cost of your membership is a tax deductible donation!

Reciprocity with partner agencies

Ashland Fire & Rescue

Rogue River Fire

Glendale Ambulance District in Douglas County

If transported by any of these agencies, your Mercy Flights membership is honored in accordance with their membership benefits. Your Mercy Flights membership for ground ambulance service is limited to Jackson County and our reciprocal agencies. Mercy Flights does NOT reciprocate with any other Air Ambulance Agencies.

QUESTIONS CONTACT:  Membership Office (541) 858.2646 or  

We provide ambulance service in Jackson County. If you live outside our service area, please contact the companies below for membership information.

All agencies below provide ground ambulance membership in your area with the Mercy Flights air membership add-on as an option. The cost is between $44 – $46 per year.

Residents Of
Ashland & Talent
Ashland Fire Rescue
Josephine County
AMR-Josephine County
Rogue River
Rogue River Fire
Glendale Azalea