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Sheila Clough, Chief Executive Officer

Sheila joined Mercy Flights on June 29, 2020, bringing more than 28 years of healthcare leadership experience to the MFI team — including 17 years at the executive level. A respected health care leader and active member of the Southern Oregon community, Sheila has long been inspired by Mercy Flights’ rich history, legacy and community roots. Sheila is responsible for oversight of administration and operations and leading the organization’s long-term strategic planning process. The strategic plan will build on Mercy Flights’ strengths and open doors to discover innovative ways in which we can serve as leaders and role models in our industry. In 2013, Clough and her family relocated to Southern Oregon from Woodruff, Wisconsin, where she served as President and CEO for Howard Young Health Care, a regional affiliate of  the $2 billion Ministry Health Care system. Prior to joining Mercy Flights, she served as CEO for Asante Ashland.

Richard (Dick) Whipple, Vice President of Operations

Dick joined the Mercy Flights executive team in August of 2022, beginning his 37th year of experience in EMS, fire, hospital, and air medical transport operations. As VPO for Mercy Flights, Dick oversees all aspects of the organization’s EMS ground and flight operations and supports the organization’s strategic goals designed to continuously enhance care and service to residents in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Prior to joining Mercy Flights, Dick served as director of patient transportation for Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina and VPO for Lifeflight Eagle in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jill Borovansky, Chief Financial Officer

Jill joined the Mercy Flights executive team in September of 2022, bringing more than 22 years of financial expertise and a deep understanding of the region’s local communities to the organization. In her role as CFO, Jill provides expert counsel and directs the fiscal operations of Mercy Flights, including Billing services, Payroll, Accounting, Materials Management, Information Technology (IT), Telecommunication and Facilities departments. Jill also serves as the organization’s Compliance and Privacy Officer. Prior to joining Mercy Flights, she served as CFO for Medford-based La Clinica, and a member of the Mercy Flights board of directors.