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Mercy Flights EMT Kayla Pankonin shares why she decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine

By February 5, 2021No Comments

Our Mercy Flights EMT’s play a critical role in keeping our Southern Oregon friends, families, and neighbors safe and well. In the midst of a global health crisis, they have also been working hard to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by practicing every health and safety measure available to them. The COVID-19 vaccine adds an extra layer of protection for first responders, their loved ones, co-workers and the people they serve. We asked our EMT, Kayla Pankonin, about her decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine and here’s what she shared.

Why did you choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

I chose to get vaccinated because I want to protect my loved ones, my community, and myself. I also chose to get vaccinated in hopes that if we all choose to get vaccinated, we can return to a more “normal life”.

What was is like to get vaccinated? (Did it hurt? Did you experience side effects and if so, can you describe them?)

I have so far only had my first dose so I can’t speak about each dose (get my second on the 3rd of Feb). The actual shot burnt slightly going in my arm, but it was a lot less painful than the flu shot. My side effects only consisted of a sore arm at the injection site for about a day or two. Then it was only tender upon palpation after that. It wasn’t any worse than the flu shot for me.

What would you say to others who might be concerned about getting vaccine?

I think that depends on their reasoning for not wanting to get it. This is a very broad discussion and if people want to reach out to me privately to discuss it then I’m open to that. I try to respect everyone’s reasonings for not getting it as long as they respect my reason for getting it.


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