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Mercy Flights Outfits Regional Disaster Relief Trailer

Mercy Flights has recently upgraded Oregon’s Regional Disaster Relief Trailer, aimed to provide medical supplies and resources in the event of a mass casualty incident. Mercy Flights has housed the disaster trailer for over 15-years, however, with the assistance of an Oregon Health Authority (OHA) grant awarded in 2022, the trailer has been outfitted with the most current and up-to-date disaster resources.

The disaster relief trailer is available for healthcare coalitions in regions 3 and 5, which encompass the vast majority of Southern Oregon from Eugene to the coastal region. The trailer is outfitting the trauma kits, IV’s, fluids, food, backboards, as well as many other items used for triage and treatment areas. Though the trailer is equipped for large disaster incidents, it can also be used to pre-stage for community events such as the Medford Cruise, concerts, and other large gatherings.

Sarah Steahly, Mercy Flights Safety & Emergency Preparedness Coordinator states, “This is a critical resource for our fellow Emergency Management providers in the state, including hospital staff, fire, public health, etc. Though it is something we hope we never have to use, it is important to be prepared and ready to respond when our community needs us most.”

Requests to use the trailer are made through Mercy Flights Operations Safety by emailing



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