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Mercy Flights Explorer Post 131 Recognized by Senator Merkley

By February 15, 2023February 17th, 2023No Comments

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, the Mercy Flights Explorer Post 131 was honored by Senator Merkley as the flag recipient during the Jackson County Town Hall in Medford, Oregon. This recognition was in honor of the outstanding community service the Explorer Post has achieved over the last 27 years; with a spotlight on the work rendered during the 2020 wildfire season in Southern Oregon.

Senator Merkley invited Mercy Flights CEO, Sheila Clough to the stage to open the townhall with an overview of the Explorer program, highlighting the numerous hours of community service completed by the post, as well as the exceptional work that was done by the group during the Almeda and Obenchain wildfires. The Explorer Post was highlighted for their quick response establishing shelter at The Jackson County Expo, helping those who were displaced and had nowhere else to go. The Explorers was able to secure medications, clothing, and provide transportation for the fire victims over a seven-day period, not leaving their post until every last person exited the site.

In appreciation for these efforts, Mercy Flights Explorer Post 131 Lead, Ed Sutton, along with Explorer students, Ziona, Evan, and Maria were presented a United States Flag that was flown over the United States Capitol by Senator Merkley.

The Mercy Flights Explorer Post is an extension of The Boy Scouts of America program and was established in Medford in 1995. The Explorer program is an interactive, worksite-based career education program that focuses on a single career field such as fire, EMS, and law enforcement. The program gives youth and young adults (ages 14-20 years of age) insight into the world of emergency medical services (EMS). The Mercy Flights Explorer program provides students with relevant training and acts as an extension of Mercy Flights Inc. through community service projects and outreach.

Mercy Flights Inc. would like to congratulate the Mercy Flights Explorer Post 131 for their community service in Southern Oregon and their passion for healthcare services.

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