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Individual or Family (Over Age 62)

$ 85

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Individual or Family (Under Age 62)

$ 100

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Air - Only Mercy Flights Membership

$ 70

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Mercy Flights Lifetime Membership

$ 1,500

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Our son Aiden suffered a brain aneurysm and was flown to Doernbecher Children's Hospital. We know that Aiden would not be here today if it wasn't for Mercy Flights and their fast action. - Sharee Barber, mother.

At Mercy Flights we understand the importance of keeping those you love safe. When faced with critical emergency medical decisions, a Mercy Flights membership creates peace of mind by easing the financial impact on you and your loved ones. For nearly 75 years we have been committed to providing quality mobile healthcare to our neighbors in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

We also believe that providing exceptional healthcare services at an affordable rate should be accessible to everyone. Whether you are a growing family and want to ensure your little ones are protected, or enjoy the thrill of extreme sports, or you just need the peace of mind knowing that when an emergency occurs, you will be in good hands – Mercy Flights has got you covered.

For only $100 a year, a Family Membership will cover you and anyone who permanently resides in your home, including unmarried children who have moved out and are under the age of 26.



Mercy Flights operates airplanes from Medford and transports within the four neighboring states.



We operate helicopters for emergency on-scene response and emergency inter-hospital transports.



We have 24 ground transportation ambulances stationed throughout the 2,700 square miles of Jackson County.


Angel Memberships Available Year-Round

Whether you have a new addition to the family, a student transitioning into college, or grandparents who may need a little extra peace of mind, a Mercy Flights Angel membership* is the perfect gift. For only $65 you can gift this 12-month air and ground membership to someone you love. This is a $35 savings from the traditional combined air and ground membership.

* This membership is for NEW members and cannot be combined with any other offer.

To purchase a Mercy Flights Angel membership, please click HERE. Providing peace of mind is just a click away!


Mercy Flights members with medical insurance

Your Mercy Flights membership covers the remaining portion of your transport costs after insurance payment has been received.

Mercy Flights members without medical insurance or insurance refuses to pay

Your Mercy Flights membership covers 50% of the total medical transport costs.

If you are not a Mercy Flights Member

Mercy Flights will provide you with the same high standard of medical excellence and compassionate care, and you will be responsible for any portion of the bill not covered by your medical insurance.

We have reciprocity agreements with Ashland Fire & Rescue, Rogue River Fire District, and Glendale Ambulance District in Douglas County. These partner agencies will honor your Mercy Flights ground membership just like you are one of their members. We, in turn, honor our partner agencies’ ground memberships. Mercy Flights does not have reciprocal agreements for air transports.

Who can purchase a membership?

We offer membership coverage in two forms:  Combined Air and Ground Membership and Air Only Membership. Mercy Flights is based in Medford, Oregon and our ground ambulance covers 2,000 sq. miles within Jackson County excluding a few zip codes. Our Air only membership program is open to anyone living in the Southern Oregon (including several counties on the coast) and Northern California regions. Depending on where you live and work, you can choose one of the two memberships.

Put your zip code in here to determine membership options.

  • Mercy Flights is the (9-1-1) emergency ground ambulance provider for Jackson County, Oregon, not including Ashland Fire & Rescue and the Rogue River Fire District service areas. We have reciprocal agreements with these fire agencies ground ambulance organizations.
  • Our Emergency Medical Helicopter Ambulance serves Southern Oregon within 150 air miles of Medford, Oregon and Northern California (as designated by the local EMS authority (Sierra-Sacramento EMS Authority).
  • Our Fixed Wing Critical Care Air Ambulance serves the Western United States within 1,000 nautical miles of Medford, Oregon, within the continental United States.

Does Mercy Flights partner with other agencies when the appropriate aircraft is unavailable?

Mercy Flights complies with federal regulations that make it very difficult for us to enter into formal membership partnerships with other air medical transport agencies. Whenever possible, we partner with trusted providers on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of our patients. However, Mercy Flights membership benefits will not cover other air agencies if our air ambulances are unavailable.

Additional Air Coverage

If you are looking for additional air medical transportation coverage on top of what Mercy Flights provides, take a look at additional air transportation options HERE.


For Emergency Transport

Members pay nothing out of pocket for Mercy Flights Services as long as Mercy Flights receives any payment from the member’s insurance or other third party payer.

For Non-Emergency Transports

This service can be a valuable asset when you are away from home and suffering from illness or injury and want to return to familiar surroundings and care. Health insurance does not routinely pay for non-medically necessary transport, but your membership will provide a 50% reduction for this service.

Top notch care when you need it

We’re dedicated to your safety and employ highly-trained critical care nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and experienced pilots. Our fixed wing airplanes fly with two pilots.  Mercy Flights maintains a fleet of advanced life support equipped air and ground ambulances standing by to respond to emergency 911 calls, 24 hours a day.

70 years of experience

As the first civil air ambulance in the nation, Mercy Flights air ambulances have flown more than 20,000 patients to date. Our ground ambulances respond to over 27,000 requests for service and transports more than 19,000 patients a year. We have been providing immediate, outstanding, and compassionate emergency services to our communities since 1949.

Nonprofit organization

Even if you never have to use your membership benefits, you can feel good knowing your membership contribution is being received by a nonprofit organization that has been focused on serving our communities for 70 years. You are helping save lives in your community, every day.

Private Pay Options

Mercy Flights has partnered with Resolution Resource in providing excellent customer service with our private pay patient base.  Resolution Resource is not a collection agency.  Resolution Resource assists Mercy Flights with private pay payment arrangements, private pay payment processing and submission of patient statements.


Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Emergency & Non-Emergency Ground Ambulance

Mercy Flights is the (9-1-1) emergency ground ambulance provider for most of Jackson County

Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Transport Helicopter Ambulance

Serving Southern Oregon within 150 nautical miles of Medford, Oregon and Northern California (as designated by Sierra-Sacramento EMS Authority)

Pressurized Fixed Wing Advanced Life Support Air Ambulance

Serving areas within 1,000 nautical miles of Medford, Oregon, in the continental United States, excluding Colorado