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Senior Family (over 62)
Senior Individual
Lifetime Membership


For Emergency Transport

Members pay nothing out of pocket for Mercy Flights Services as long as Mercy Flights receives any payment from the member’s insurance or other third party payer.

For Non-Emergency Transports

This service can be a valuable asset when you are away from home and suffering from illness or injury and want to return to familiar surroundings and care. Health insurance does not routinely pay for non-medically necessary transport, but your membership will provide a 50% reduction for this service.

Top notch care when you need it

We’re dedicated to your safety and employ highly-trained critical care nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and experienced pilots. Our fixed wing airplanes fly with two pilots. Mercy Flights maintains a fleet of advanced life support equipped air and ground ambulances standing by to respond to emergency 911 calls, 24 hours a day.

70 years of experience

As the first civil air ambulance in the nation, Mercy Flights air ambulances have flown more than 20,000 patients to date. Our ground ambulances respond to over 27,000 requests for service and transports more than 19,000 patients a year. We have been providing immediate, outstanding, and compassionate emergency services for our communities since 1949.

Nonprofit organization

Even if you never have to use your membership benefits, you can feel good knowing your membership contribution is being received by a nonprofit organization that has been focused on serving our communities for 70 years. You are helping save lives in your community, every day.

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