Ambulance Service Requests

To request ambulance service, call;

1-800-786-3729 or 541-779-6551

Questions that will be asked to ensure proper level of service and mode of transportation;

MODE: Helicopter, Airplane, Ground Ambulance
URGENCY: Emergency, Within the next few hours, future scheduling
DESTINATION: Local or Long Distance  Transport
ORIGIN: Home, Dr's office, care facility, or Hospital Response
PATIENT TYPE: Adult, Pediatrics, Trauma, Cardiac, Respiratory, Neuro-surgical
SPECIAL NEEDS: Invasive Monitoring Complex Airway and Ventilator Management
REIMBURSEMENT: Insurances, co-pays or deductibles, third party.

The Communications Specialist will take your information, check vehicle and personnel status, weather, and insurance approval if required. You will receive an acceptance with an estimated time of arrival at the origin or the reason we are unable to meet your request.  We will help you in finding other resources to meet you request if we are not able to do so.

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